C7 and C9 Holiday Incandescent Lighting

Nothing can beat a great set of lights! Temple has been supplying our customers lighting needs since 1984. We can make any type, and any length you want. Our experienced installation team can also install them and give you one less thing to worry about.  All our incandescent lamps are Commercial Grade and will work in any C-7 or C-9 socket.  Call today for Sale Prices…800-722-2501.

Regular Lighting

We are your source for all your traditional lighting needs!
We offer great pricing on:

  • C-7 and C-9 Lamps – clear and colors
  • Mounting Clips
  • Mini Lights in both 50 & 100 count
  • Net Lighting, Icicle Lighting, you name it!

Buy C7 and C9 Incandescent Bulbs, Mini Lights & C-Clips:

C9 Incandescent Bulbs

Buy C9 Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent Mini-Lights

Buy Mini-Lights Incandescent

C-Clips Lighting

Buy C-Clips for Lightlines

Spool of Lights

When you need a bunch of lights, a Temple Bulk Light Line is the way to go.

  • Available in C-7 and C-9 styles.
  • Spacing on 3″, 6″, 9″ 12″ or 18″ on centers
  • All gauge of wiring available
  • No minimum lengths – we manufacture to your needs