If you can believe it, Spring is here, and Easter 2019 is rapidly approaching! Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays growing up. Even now I really enjoy it since it is the one holiday I do not cook and we all go to brunch instead. The only real work is getting Easter presents for all the kids in our family. Today, it tends to be a little tougher to give Easter gifts that impress, aren’t all sugar, and are not too expensive. After talking to my 10-year-old daughter and her friends on the way to their band and orchestra bowling party; I realized they had some pretty good ideas for awesome Easter gifts. Great presents that won’t break the bank or anyone’s teeth for that matter. Go ahead and take notes, this is The Easter Bunny’s Top Gifts for 2019.


  1. Hengda Kite- LED Lights

Turn your kite into a star flying bright in the night sky. This LED Kite Light kit comes with 180-degree, super wide viewing, flashing LED lights, clips, and battery pack (batteries not included). These lights are made for kites 6 ft. or larger. After reading the comments customer said these lights fit best on 6.5 ft. kite, any style. Best part is this awesome gift is only $12.99 on Amazon. Looking for a decent kite for your lights? Find 6.5 ft.  Delta kites on Amazon too! Starting at 25 bucks. These glowing gifts are sure to excite even the older bunnies in your family. Click here for Hengda Kite LED Lights


  1. Acrylic Paint Markers

These markers are the perfect Easter gift for the artist in your family. Create art projects on any surface: fabric, textile, canvas, metal, pottery, treated wood, plastic, stone, terracotta, polymer clay, rock & more. Resistant to water, fading, and abrasion. Works great on ceramics, glass, and porcelain. Just the thing they need to make the grandparents personalized Easter 2019 mugs!  These markers are medium point and come in 12 different colors. Available on Amazon for only $16.99 It’s the Easter gift that keeps on giving. Click here for: Acrylic Paint Markers





  1. Pokémon Go Bookmarks

These, oh so cute bookmarks, are an adorable addition to any Easter Basket. Made of clay then painted to resemble your favorite Pokémon; as if they were stuck in the pages of your book. This Easter gift is great for Pokémon and avid readers alike. These are available on Etsy and are on sale right now for $22.95. Boy, girl, or Pokémon Trainer they will want to Catch Them All! Click here for: Pokémon Go Bookmarks




  1. Tenergy Odev Geo 2-in-1 Salt Water or Solar Powered DIY Robot

The Easter Bunny has something for the scientist in your family. This STEM kit is easy to build with no screws or tools required. Your child can build GEO in minutes with the detailed instructions. As they play with GEO they learn how to use green energy alternatives to power up GEO. This little guy is a great family project and a puzzle all in one. There are small parts, so this is recommended for children 8 and up. The best part is this little gem is only $19.99 on walmart.com A toy that encourages learning is something everyone will appreciate. Click her for: Tenergy Odev Geo



  1. Triumph 2-in-1 Three-Hole Bags and Washer Toss Combo

This gift is perfect for the child with many siblings and cousins. Give your little energy-filled bundles of joy something to entertain them. Two sturdy, classic outdoor lawn games are combined for an incredible value: 3 -hole bean bag toss or 3-hole washer toss. Included are 2 game platforms featuring on board scoring and detachable legs. You also get 6 bags and 6 washers with this amazing game for only $28.95 on Amazon. Score unencumbered Adult time this Easter and for many family gatherings to come! Click here for: Triumph 2-in-1 Three-Hole Bags and Washer Toss Combo


  1. Lamzac the Original Air Lounger

Even the most energetic Children poop out eventually. The Lamzac Air Lounger is so fantastic for lounging in front of the TV; or even great to take on outdoor trips. It is made of a durable, high quality, rip stop material. Material is strong enough to personally print screen logos and your favorite phrases to personalize. Only weighing 2.6 lbs. this lounger can hold up to 440 lbs. and is dirt and moisture repellant! No need for a pump to inflate the Lamzac; it even comes with its own carrying bag and a stake to secure your lounger in the outdoors. At only $28.89 on Amazon this is an Easter gift that will last for many seasons and then some. Click here for: Lamzac the Original Air Lounger


  1. Nostalgia Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

This has got to be the coolest looking kitchen gadget I have ever seen. Are your kids at the age where they are ready to become independent, but you still don’t trust them to use the stove? Then this gift is perfect for your little Tweeny Bopper! Just like a regular toaster this plugs in to any outlet and is flame free. It cooks 2 regular or extra plump hot dogs and toasts two buns at a time. It’s removable hot dog cage, adjustable timer, and stop button makes cooking hot dogs a snap. Also included with the toaster are tongs and a drip tray for easy cleaning. A more then easy way for your child to make lunch. It’s retro and compact design is sure to please any little foodies. And is most definitely Easter Bunny approved! Click here for: Nostalgia Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

  1. Avocado Tree Starting Kit

Nurture your off springs green thumb with this amazingly easy avocado tree starting kit. Simple enough you just insert the seed from your last avocado (not included), float it in a water bath, and watch as the seed begins to sprout on your own window sill. This floating planter easily holds a toothpick flag to mark your progress from day one to guacamole ready. The glass bowl is also not included. Remember that grow times differ from breed and temperature at which the seed is kept at. It may take up to 3 months for the seed to germinate and start to grow. I love this gift because not only are you teaching your kids how to grow their own food, but it is something you can do together. And for only $20 dollars your kids will be thrilled with this Easter Basket Gold. Click here for: Avocado Tree Starting Kit

Just remember the best thing about Easter, and all holidays really, isn’t the gift you get. It’s the time we get to spend together with our family and friends. But take a note or two from my blog and you are sure to make some kids very happy this Easter. I hope all my readers out there have an extraordinary and safe holiday. Cheers!

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