Custom Holiday Light Shows

Temple Display Custom Christmas Light Shows

There are many reasons to host a holiday light show. The light show can be your community’s premier theme light show. This can be a time to celebrate the winter season with thousands of lights, entertainment, food and other festive activities.

  • During the months of November through February your park, resort, campground, etc. can be transformed from winter darkness to a brightly glowing mantle of thousands of lights.
  • Spectators arrive by the thousands taking the vehicle tour of your light show
  • Regional TV viewers by the thousands seeing the breathtaking scene of your public service announcements of your light show
  • Obtain corporate sponsors who will provide thousands of dollars of resources
  • Orchestrating an event which generates thousands of dollars for the community
  • Implementing an event which will substantially increase your agency’s bottom line profits by the thousands
  • Because your ingenuity will inspire neighboring communities to be an active partner in displaying thousands of lights