Fourth of July Decorations

4th-live1Kick off your 4th of July celebration with Seasonal Discounts on All Independence Day decorations!

Spectacular fireworks, the Statue of Liberty, American Flags, and Uncle Sam Displays can all add to this Patriotic holiday.

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4th of July Celebration Independence Day Decorations

United We Stand Skyline

United We Stand Skyline
26′ x 12′ – 3130 Watts

Land of the Free Skyline

Land Of The Free Skyline
Hang these virtually anywhere.

Bless The Usa skyline

Bless The USA Skyline
40′ x 7′ – 2200 Watts

Proud to Be Skyline

Proud To Be Eagle Skyline 
40′ x 11′ – 4400 Watts


Available in animated or motion triggered in 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′ and 8′

Garland Lighted Flag

Garland Lighted Flag 
12′ x 8′ – 3575 Watts


Lighted God Bless America

Lighted God Bless America 
These great decorations add pizaaz to any situation.

Lighted Flag

Lighted Flag/Old Glory 
13.5′ x 12′ – 5050 Watts

Garland God Bless America

Garland/Silhouette God Bless America Flag
23.5′ x 23.5′ – 10,530 Watts

Flag street installation

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