Commercial Holiday Lamp Post Decorations

Why would you only decorate Main Street this holiday season if you could afford to put Temple Display’s commercial lamp post decorations on any street or sidewalk lamp post. Our lamp post decor will stand the test of time and elements. Most of our lamp post decorations are designed for winter use and suitable for snow applications (think Christmas and New Years decorations), we offer a wide range of decorations that will enhance any street light or sidewalk light pole for any holiday season including summer and the 4th of July. Click the photo of each lamp post decoration photo to see a larger view.

View Variety of Lamp Post for Commercial

5′ x 7′ Tree with Star
(465 watts-28 lbs.)

6′ x 7′ Star Cascade
(485 watts-28 lbs.)

8.5′ Tri-Star
(730 watts-28 lbs.)

4′ Premier Wreath w/ Bow
(225 watts-28 lbs.)

2′ x 6′ Mystic Candle
(485 watts-30 lbs.)

2-1/2′ x 4′ Traditional Spray with18″ Flocked Bow,
3 Single Pine Cones & 3 Flocked Clusters
(150 watts-15 lbs.)

3′ Wreathwith 18″ Vinyl Bow
(90 watts-12 lbs.)

2-1/2′ x 4′ Column Spray with 18″ FlockedBow,
3 Single Pine Cones & 2 Flocked Clusters
(105 watts-15 lbs.)

4-1/2′ Wreath with Bow
(200 watts-30 lbs.)

5-1/2′ Snowburst
(425 watts-24 lbs.)

5′ x 4′ Burst Of Stars
(900 watts-28 lbs.)

5′ x 7′ Fleur-De-Lis
(380 watts-28 lbs.)

5-1/2′ Silhouette Snowflake
(200 watts-24 lbs.)

Remember, Temple Display’s commercial lamp post decorations have been placed on lamp posts across North America, Canada and Puerto Rico for over 45 years. Our design team will make sure your holiday lamp post decorations not only look good but keep looking good year in and year out. Don’t put this holiday season in jeopardy by going anywhere else.