Lying underneath our family Christmas tree is one of my very first memories of Christmas. Feeling the sturdy, sappy trunk of our Douglas Fir as I laid my head beside it. The earthy pine aromatics seemed to heighten my senses as I was lost in my own Christmas wonderland. Staring up into an endless sea of branches adorned with big beautiful colored lights. Red, green, and gold bulbs; family ornaments that we had made and collected, magically floating above me like fearless fireflies in summer night sky. No matter how hard or long I gazed up into this majestic king of the forest I could never see the top. But that was OK because I wanted to be lost in fantastical world forever.

Remembered Traditions

For centuries people have decorated their homes with evergreen pine during the winter solstice. As it is a tree that stays green all year round; it’s a symbol of the Spring to come. It also was cheerful and gave off a wonderful perfume. It was said that the Germans had been celebrating the Christmas season with hand decorated trees in their homes, as well as, community trees since the 1700’s. So when Queen Victoria’s German husband, Prince Albert, put up a Christmas tree at Windsor Castle in 1848, the Christmas tree became a tradition throughout England, the United States, and Canada.

Once this tradition became a constant to the Western Civilization we started making ornaments and popcorn string.

Adding candles to branches was a popular, but hazardous, practice of Christmas time merry makers. But with the invention of electricity, we were able to string lights of all colors, shapes, and sizes among the branches of these symbolic trees. And boy has technology advanced this iconic symbol of the Christmas season. Take it from us, Temple Display, YOUR source for Commercial Christmas Decorations. We are Christmas Tree experts!

Create New Community Traditions

Whether you’re a city, a town, or a commercial space Temple Display can make your winter wonderland dreams a reality! Our show stopping Commercial Panel Trees come in any size from 14 Ft. to 110 Ft. Lamped win either incandescent or LED bulbs these trees can be decorated in any color scheme. And even more amazing than that your Christmas Tree’s lights can be synced to music! All of our panel trees come complete with installation hardware and tree topper. Unsure of what you’d like to do for your one of a kind Panel Christmas Tree? Check out our Coolest Tree Ever and prepared to be amazed. When purchasing one of our awesome panel trees you are assuring that your cities’ annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will never be the same.

All of Temple Display’s decorations are proudly made in the USA. So not only are you getting a superior product; making any changes or in need of last minute parts for your decor is a snap. Fast and efficient delivery is available nationwide. Don’t forget Custom Decorations are our specialty, and at NO EXTRA COST! Read all about our Custom Decorations:  So if you have something special in mind call us at 1-800-722-2501. Don’t forget to ask about our 2 year FREE Financing to all municipalities. One of our highly knowledgeable staff members will be more than happy to make your dream a reality!

From creation to installation, and even storage Temple Display does it all. Isn’t it time you made your city/town/ or commercial space a holiday destination? Because nothing says Christmas like an awe inspiring Panel Christmas Tree from Temple Display!